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Roussette de Savoie “La Cave du Prieuré”


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Raymond Barlet et Fils, Roussette de Savoie "La Cave du Prieuré", Savoie, France 2021
{sustainable} 100% Altesse

Although many of long erroneously sought to link it with either Hungary or the island of Cyprus, Altesse is a variety indigenous to the Savoie. The name refers to the reddish hue the grape develops as it ripens. Although these wines are seldom spotted stateside, the initiated love them for their Alpine minerality, expressive aromatics, and firm acidity – complex, versatile with food, and able to age well.
Serving Suggestions: Raclette w/ an array of fresh veggies, Yukon gold potatoes, & cornichons. Thai Panang curry chicken. Shrimp quesadilla w/ cilantro & sour cream. Crab rangoon.

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