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Vermouth “Antica Formula” [1 liter]


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Giuseppe B. Carpano, Vermouth "Antica Formula" [1 liter], Piemonte, Italy NV
16.5% ABV

Antonio Benedetto Carpano is credited with creating modern vermouth in 1786, based on records of a type of wine made by the Ancient Romans. It’s a vermouth alla vaniglia, a style of vermouth with vanilla and other flavorings added and ready to drink right out of the bottle. Crafted with white wine from Italian grapes, aromatic plants, and top-quality vanilla bean (never extract), Carpano Antica is a powerhouse of flavors.
Serving Suggestions: On a big cube w/ a lemon twist. Sub it for the vermouth in any cocktail, especially w/ bourbon or rye. In a Negroni w/ Navy Strength gin & Campari.


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