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Barbera del Monferrato “Giuanìn”


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La Casaccia, Barbera del Monferrato "Giuanìn", Piemonte, Italy 2020
{organic} 100% Barbera

La Casaccia translated roughly to "ruined house", and Giovanni Rava does apparently go about making his wines in an atmosphere of magisterial decrepitude. There’s nothing ramshackle about this beautifully complex and structured Barbera though; it’s built like the proverbial brick…uh…wine cellar. Rustic Piemontese woodiness and herbs combine for intoxicating aromas and flavors.
Serving Suggestions: Flank steak sandwich w/ garlic mayo & red onion on soft ciabatta. Veggie sausage pizza w/ pesto, mozzarella, & artichoke.

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