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Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso


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Corte Majoli, Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso, Veneto, Italy, 2020
65% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 5% Molinara

This region is home to several distinct styles of wine starring the Corvina grape, including standard Valpolicella, the dried grape version called “Amarone,” and “Ripasso,” which falls somewhere in between. Ripasso is begun like regular wine from standard grapes, but later on dried grapes (like the ones used for Amarone) are added prior to a second fermentation. This adds color, depth, body, and additional flavors, bringing out raisins, cherry, pink peppercorn, and sweet spices.
Serving Suggestion: Risotto w/ pork sausage, black pepper, rosemary & cinnamon. Lamb stew w/ carrots, prunes, cloves, & potatoes. Gnocchi w/ mushrooms & gorgonzola.

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