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Giuseppe Cortese, Barbaresco, Piemonte, Italy 2019
100% Nebbiolo

Truly an old world delight with shadowy garnet mystique and a vibrant vein of blood orange or pomegranate as well as earthy, floral bravado, this gem forged from two distinctive vineyard sites on Barbaresco’s Rabajà hill showcases Giuseppe & co.’s affinity for the estate’s blue marl-centric terroir and what it majestically imbues into its wines. Though it was aged for a year and a half in older Slavonian oak, one could be forgiven for imagining a whisper of the venerable chestnut barrel vibe not uncommon in Nebbiolos of yore.
Serving Suggestion: Braised boar shoulder & stewed Swiss chard w/ black truffle juice & toasted garlic. Creamy butternut squash polenta w/ Castelmagno (or gorgonzola) & salty, toasted walnuts.

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