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Orange Wine “Abartig Einfach”


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Christoph Edelbauer, Orange Wine "Abartig Einfach", Kamptal, Austria 2019
{biodynamic} 50% Gewürztraminer, 50% Muscat

Lush yet lithe, funky yet fresh, assertive yet approachable, this bottle is filled with delicious contradictions. This latest arrival from Kamptal’s Christoph Edelbauer is forged from (yet unrecognizable as) Gewürztraminer and Muscat, wrapping the pair of typically hyper-aromatic varieties in a hazy, chiseled, orange package unto itself. Initially most reminiscent of pomelo or grapefruit, sharp, zesty citrus gives way to undercurrents of young persimmon and red fruit. The finish is lush and yeasty, taking the palate for quite the rollercoaster ride.
Serving Suggestions: Savory kimchi pancake w/ squid & extra scallions. Arugula/pomegranate salad w/ blue cheese & blood orange vinaigrette.

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