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Pet Nat Zweigelt Rose


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Christoph Edelbauer, Pet Nat Zweigelt Rose, Kamptal, Austria 2021
{organic} 100% Zweigelt

Straight from Kamptal, a region best known for producing some of the world’s finest white wines, Christoph Edelbauer flips the script and brings us a uniquely wonderful Zweigelt Rosé. This soft pink and yeasty Pétillant-Naturel comes bottled with no paper label (part of the winery’s commitment to 100% sustainability) but fully ready to ooze tingly turbidity. Conscientiously and sensibly produced, this Austrian gem is certified organic and perfectly poised to become your new favorite pet-nat!
Serving Suggestion: Smoked salmon crostini w/ crème fraîche, fennel, and fresh-squeezed lemon. Garden veggies dipped in tempura fondue w/ spicy aïoli.

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