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Riesling “Langenlois”


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Christoph Edelbauer, Riesling "Langenlois", Kamptal, Austria 2021
{biodynamic} 100% Riesling

Label translation: "White roses and stone fruit blossoms. As magical as its slate soil!" Hailing from northeastern Austria, this Riesling enchants us with its firm, focused tropicality and clean, contemporary stye – dry, elegantly modern, and expressly extroverted. Christoph Edelbauer (surname meaning “noble farmer”) clearly expresses his love of nature, both through his words and his actions as a grower-winemaker, and something resolutely pristine and wholesome emanates from his wines.
Serving Suggestion: Fried or charcoal-grilled chicken w/ potato, chickpea, & onion salad & tarragon mustard. Tabbouli w/ cottage cheese, green apple, & green olives.

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