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Bianco “Grame”


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Ferlat, Bianco "Grame", Friuli, Italy 2019
{organic} Malvasia

The wines coming out of the Ferlat estate’s 7.5 hectares are no-fuss, serious, clean expressions of the land and the grapes. "Graeme" is the name of the vineyard this wine comes from, as well as the name of the kind of wild grass that’s illustrated on the label. A complex, thought-provoking orangish example of Malvasia Istriana, highly aromatic with a lush floral perfume while the palate offers ripe citrus fruit and sweet spices.
Serving Suggestion: Gramigna al ragù di salsiccia. Moo shoo pork. Seafood korma. Mexican street corn salad w/ feta cheese, lime, cilantro, and smoked paprika.

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