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Fino Sherry “Finca Elcano” [375 ml]


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Gutierrez Colosia, "Finca Elcano" Fino Sherry [375 ml], Jerez, Spain, NV
100% Palomino

Gutierrez Colosia is the last remaining producer in the sherry-making town of El Puerto de Santa Maria. Established in 1838, the winery is located on a river bank, ideal for producing an active “flor," or yeast growth. Elcano is named after one of Magellan’s captains who helped circumnavigate the globe. The Palomino vines are between 10 and 60 years old, growing in chalky soil, and the wine is aged four years in solera.
Serving Suggestions: Best w/ Spanish olives, Marcona almonds, & white anchovy filets marinated in sea salt w/ olive oil. Serve chilled as an aperitif.

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