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Bianco Cuvée “Matho”


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Azienda Agricola La Jara, Bianco Cuvée "Matho", Veneto, Italy NV
{organic} 100% Prosecco Tondo (Glera)

This Brut Zero (aka Brut Nature) Prosecco is friendly, fresh, and bone dry – not to mention perhaps surprisingly elegant. Thirty miles north of Venice, the Marion brothers (Bruno & Massimo) represent the latest generation of many to farm their family’s steep (and beautiful!) vineyards overlooking the Piave River. While utilizing Prosecco’s typical Martinotti / Charmat method, this manages to rise above typical expectations for complexity.
Serving Suggestion: Chicken Makhani w/ lotsa lemon & crispy, flaky samosas. Quiche, croissants, and other savory pastries.

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