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Cabernet Sauvignon “CS”


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Mas Codina, Cabernet Sauvignon "CS", Penedes, Spain 2019
{organic} 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Toni Garriga is a man on a mission. His family has made wine here in the mountains of Penedes for nearly 400 years, but rarely from their own grapes. Beginning in 1985, he decided to focus exclusively on "estate wine," wine made only from the grapes he grows. With great pride he presented us with this Cabernet, spicy and lush with lovely black cherry fruit. He ages it in small French oak barriques for 12 months before bottling to soften it and add complexity. Thanks Toni for this tasty treat!
Serving Suggestions: Beef tenderloin & foie gras in a Pedro Ximenez reduction. Grilled burgers w/ bacon & cheddar. Grilled balsamic & provolone portobellos. Lamb chops w/ rosemary & thyme.

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