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Pet Nat Brut Nature “Rurale”


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Melsheimer, Pet Nat Brut Nature "Rurale", Mosel, Germany 2020
{biodynamic} 100% Riesling

This is peak Pet Nat! Grown on the steep hillsides of the Mosel Valley from the undisputed queen of grapes, Riesling. Thorston Melsheimer is one of the Mosel Valley’s masters of terroir, making wines that are cerebral, age-worthy, and reminiscent of pre-industrialization. This beauty comes together as the apex of Pet Nats. Rustic, but elegant. Rich but deft. And quaffable but eminently memorable. All Pet Nats you’ve had before this will seem trivial.
Serving Suggestions: Weisswurst zuzeln mit brezeln (even at lunch or later!) Wiener Schnitzel. Grilled trout.

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