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Aperitif “Marie-Framboise”


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Domaine Jean-Luc Pasquet, Aperitif "Marie-Framboise", Charente, Cognac, France NV
{organic} Ugni blanc, Montils, Merlot

Produced in the Pineau des Charentes style, classicaly fresh grape juice or must combined with Cognac, Pasquet’s Marie-Framboise blends freshly pressed, 100% Ugni Blanc grapes and eau-de-vie with organic red raspberries macerated in it for three months. Bursting with vibrant raspberry, oxidized grape, fig, and orange blossom, Marie-Framboise is a refreshing experience on the palate with a vibrant attack and pleasant acidity on the finish.
Serving Suggestion: A delicious aperitif or dessert wine on its own served over ice or mixed w/sparkling water or wine. Lemon meringue pie. A fresh fruit salad.

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