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Frizzante Rosé


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Paul D., Frizzante Rosé, Wagram, Austria
{sustainable} 100% Zweigelt

This ruby-colored jewel in the outstandingly affordable line of wein from young Herr Paul D glimmers with particular brightness as it adds a bit of vibrant spritz into the mix. Fruit forward and lightly off-dry, this is a fun sipper (or guzzler) for the whole family (if the whole family is over 21 of course)! Zweigelt is a particularly apt and enthusiastic candidate for pink vinification, and this fizzy version bursts with tangy red fruit and a whisper of tropicality.
Serving Suggestion: Hotdogs on the grill w/ sauerkraut & beet relish. Fruit salad w/ fresh red grapes, strawberry, & pineapple w/ a splash of balsamic vinegar & chopped chocolate mint.

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