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Barbera “Minerva 240” (Vino Rosso)


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Azienda Agricola Daniele Saccoletto, Barbera "Minerva 240," Piemonte, Italy NV
{organic} 100% Barbera

Daniele Saccoleto began four decades ago as a grape grower. Purchasing land and gradually updating his winemaking facilities, he eventually emerged as is today – a humble iconoclast, refusing to compromise in the name of mediocrity, working outside of the Italian system of pedigrees. This is a bruiser of a Barbera – albeit an elegant and complex one, with ethereal, captivating, bittersweet perfumes of bergamot revealing foresty black fruits. Rustically spritzy.
Serving Suggestion: Salumi spread w/ cheeses like robiola & fontina. Wintery leek salad w/ boiled fingerling potatoes, peppery arugula, garlic, beet, & balsamic vinegar.

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