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Alvarinho Superior


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Socalcos do Bouro, Alvarinho Superior, Vinho Verde (Minho), Portugal 2022
{organic} 100% Alvarinho (Albariño)

Albariño can still be your favorite Spanish white, but it actually originates just south of the border in Portugal’s Vinho Verde region. Alvarinho, as it is known here, is partially responsible for the fresh, fizzy stuff that that we associate with the region’s best-known wines, but it can also be resplendently restrained and minerally or fleshy, full-bodied, and brimming with tropical assertiveness. This offering luxuriously leans toward the latter option.
Serving Suggestion: Citrus-marinated grilled squid tacos w/ cilantro crema. Pineapple-anchovy pizza w/ cremini mushrooms & ricotta. Chili baked tofu over fresh greens & herbs w/ lemon-tahini vinaigrette.

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