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Orange Wine “Müller Time / Sanderstruck”


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Weingut Staffelter Hof, Orange Wine "Müller Time / Sanderstruck", Mosel, Germany 2021
{organic} 100% Müller-Thurgau


More reminiscent of a gourmet Hefeweizen/lemonade shandy than the beer slogan its moniker seems to be derived from, this dry, super-session-able, orange-ish delight clocks in at a meager 11% alcohol and begs to be discovered as the diurnal-friendly guzzler that it is. But, as much fun as this is, it isn’t all fun, and there are as many layers of intrigue to this wine as there are puns wrapped up in its branding! Müller-Thurgau is an all-too-familiar yet mysterious offspring of Riesling celebrated by some but best known as bulk wine fodder. However, you’d never suspect that from this unique beauty.
Serving Suggestion: Reuben on pumpernickel w/ horseradish mustard & pickled beets. Ricotta pizza w/ pineapple, capers, & pickled onions.

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