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Riesling “Smaragd – Kellerberg”


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Tegernseerhof, Riesling "Smaragd – Kellerberg", Wachau, Austria 2020 {sustainable} 100% Riesling

True to its name, the Kellerberg is indeed a mountain whose vinous denizens are destined for the cellar (and are often capable of aging gracefully for aeons). The grandest of what might be considered Austria’s grand crus, this steeply sloping corner of the Wachau isn’t only prized by Austrians but is indisputably one of Riesling’s world capitals and a World Heritage Site. This spectacular specimen of Riesling is bone dry, resoundingly ripe, and built around a rock-solid core of mineralistic complexity.
Serving Suggestion: Grilled squid w/ lemon-caper sauce & asparagus. Tempura green beans & sweet yellow onions w/ aioli.

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