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Garnacha Blanca “Finca la Dehesa”


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Bodegas Tempore, Garnacha Blanca "Finca la Dehesa", Calatayud, Spain 2021
{organic} 100% Garnacha Blanca

Grenache Blanc (known on its nave turf of northeastern Spain as Garnacha Blanca) is no stranger to posh gigs; it’s the main variety in Chateauneuf du Pape, after all. This rendition from Tempore is suitably lavish with the faintest whisper of oak courtesy of four months in barrel and vibrant, fleshy fruit – ripe and round yet racy and refreshing. A "sunshine in bottle" claim would be trite but very true.
Serving suggestion: Broiled cod w/ olive oil, pepper, garlic, & lemon. White bean & potato stew w/ diced onions, saffron, & paprika.

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