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Brut “Le Jeune”


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Terrabianca, Brut "Le Jeune", Piemonte, Italy NV
{organic} 100% Chardonnay

Le Jeune is Terrabianca’s first foray into sparkling wine, and they’ve put their best foot forward. Made in the Charmat style of Prosecco from hand-harvested Chardonnay, it’s super fresh, clean, and mouthwatering, making it the perfect start to a meal or celebration. Also delightful as a palate cleanser between courses, a late night sipper, for mimosas at brunch, or just because you need more bubbles in your life. We’ve all been there. A Wine Authorities Exclusive! 
Serving Suggestion: Eggs gently fried in butter w/ plenty of cracked black pepper. In a flute glass, on the couch, listening to 80’s soft rock beside a loved one.

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