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Blanc “Perlé Nature”


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Domaine Philemon, Blanc "Perlé Nature", Gaillac, Southwest, France 2020
{organic} 100% Loin de L’Oeil

Finding winemakers focused on organic and biodynamic farming isn’t quite the challenge it once was, despite these practices being widely followed in Europe up until the ravages of World War One. Mathieu Vieules has implemented his low-intervention vision at Domaine Philemon, bringing us this sometimes naturally fizzy expression of the indigenous Loin de L’Oeil. The Gaillac region has been making wines for the past 800 years and is finally attracting the recognition of the contemporary wine community for its distinct, native grapes and unique, but highly favorable, climate.
Serving suggestion: Linguine a la vongole w/ lemon & breadcrumbs; jambon de Lacaune w/ crusty bread & confit pink garlic.

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