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Hendry Ranch, Albariño, Napa Valley, California, 2022
100% Albariño

Albariño, the northern Portuguese native most famous for its work across the border in Galicia’s Rías Baixas, has really gotten around in recent years, finding various homes away from home in New World vineyards. This one does an impressive impression of classics from the grape’s home turf, balancing clean, fish-friendly acidity with a restrained, citrusy attack and tropical swagger on the finish. There’s an emergent banana bravado that might lead you to suspect some selected yeast tomfoolery, but NO, the fermentation is all native and natural. Nice!
Serving Suggestion: Jack Mackerel sashimi w/ yuzu-ginger aioli, flying fish roe, & bonito flakes. Pasta salad w/ Monterey Jack, arugula, lemon, basil, & caper berries.

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