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Bordeaux Rouge “L’InVINcible”


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Château Lauduc, Bordeaux Rouge "L’InVINcible", Bordeaux, France, 2022
{organic} 100% Merlot (no sulfites added)

Château Lauduc, located just 10km from downtown Bordeaux, is one of the closest vineyards to the city itself. Under the Grandeau family’s ownership since the early 20th century, the current team of brothers in charge aim to balance tradition with modernity. “L’inVINcible” is an exciting new creation for the winery. Harvested from a single plot, fermented with native yeasts, and bottled with no sulfites added, this all-natural, all-Merlot Bordeaux is supple, juicy, and expressive of its humble origins.
Serving Suggestion: Sloppy Joes built with a sticky and savory curried lamb filling instead of the usual beef. Oven roasted root vegetables w/ a garlicky yogurt sauce.

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