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Rosé [1 liter]


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Paul D., Rosé [1 liter], Wagram, Austria, 2021
Zweigelt, Blauberger

The newest arrival from Paul Direder’s small yet impressively affordable stable of wines is this rosé featuring two quintessentially Austrian red grapes. Zweigelt and its lesser-known half-brother, Blauburger, have less than a century of existence under their belts, but that doesn’t deter them from fueling this light-bodied, clean, flavorful rosé with spry wisdom and vibrant energy. Relatively low in alcohol, this is destined to become one of your favorite anytime sippers!
Serving Suggestion: Yakitori chicken, quail egg, or pork belly skewers. Peppery fried red cabbage w/ onion, & apples. BBQ ribs.

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