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Riesling Federspiel “T26” Durnstein


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Tegernseerhof, Riesling Federspiel "T26" Durnstein, Wachau, Austria 2022
100% Riesling

Get it before he becomes a superstar and his prices go through the roof. Martin Mittelbach is one of the greats right now, but his reputation has not hit the mainstream or the critics yet. This dry Riesling from his terraced, hillside vineyards in the prestigious Wachau is the kind of wine that makes "red-wine-only" drinkers change sides, the kind that convinces non-Riesling-drinkers that they were wrong, and the kind that you must take home today. It’s that good.
Serving Suggestion: One of the most versatile wines in the world, a great dry Riesling goes with everything except dessert.

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