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Favorita “Quattro 20” Langhe Bianco


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Terrabianca, Favorita "Quattro 20" Langhe Bianco, Piemonte, Italy 2021
{organic} 100% Favorita (Vermentino)

Giorgio Alpiste names his wines after the parcel of land on which the grapes are grown. In the case of "Quattro 20 (Venti)" (or "Four Winds”), his Favorita vines flourish on the sandy, south-facing slopes of his family’s farm in the Piemonte, where refracted sunlight from the sea accentuates the grape’s natural minerality and acidic finish. This makes it a fantastic wine for rich cheeses and buttery pastas.
Serving Suggestions: Tajarin (hearty egg yolk pasta) w/ butter, sage, & white truffles. Baked trout w/ lemon butter & tarragon. Falafel w/ garlic tahini sauce.

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